More Photos of Harry
(Horace Quincy Debucey Jones Killmaster)

1973 fall semester at Tulane University
(Green carpet is slice of astroturf from Sugar Bowl stadium)
Right: 3-way margarita sipping in Boston (1979)
Springtime in Atlanta, 1980
- the Atlanta Steeplechase -

Harry drinks a Michelobe while Danny reads something
at a horse event they went to, pictured here and at right.

Harry hits on a pretty jockey, offers her a beer (Michelobe).
See more of the horse's cousin here.

Harry sits on someone's cycle with a can of Strohs.

At the Chattahoochie River - (mouse over above
photo to see a shot of Harry on a 1971 canoe trip)

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Current Photos of Harry
- 2002 to 2010 -
First two photos below from May 2002 in Atlanta

At WGST's listener
lunch radio promo

At the swimming pool at
Harry's condo where he lived
Below photo from May 2004,

Up in Hiawassee, GA, about 120 miles
from Atlanta, at an arts & crafts festival,
where he saw also saw Loretta Lynn
This photo from an arts & crafts festival held
in Newnan, GA, Labor Day Weekend 2004.
Newnan is about 40 miles south of Atlanta.

These two photos from Georgia, June 2006

Left: out at some Mexican restaurant on
a Friday afternoon having margaritas

Atlanta, July 2010

Atlanta, September 2010
What are Harry's favorite movie clips?

- Click here to see the Bond/Oddjob fight at Fort Knox in Goldfinger

- Click here to see Lt. Dan greeting his new recruits in Forrest Gump.

- Click here to see Miriam (Karen Allen, Harry's favorite movie actress) blow cigarette smoke in a Nazi's face in Raiders of the Lost Ark

- Click here to watch the Twilight Zone episode The Midnight Sun

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