Christmas 1975

Back row: Brett, Wiz, Boast, T, Jacko, Danny              
Front row: Bummer, Kid Odge, Terry, Howie, Feather

This is winter and Odge is wearing just a t-shirt
But at least he has a coat on. Also, notice the beer
and cigarette in Odge's left hand. Classic Odge.

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Had enough. Take me inside or upstairs

  • Harry's beard is painted on with eye-makeup
  • Cromwell Crew Mardi Gras banner is from eleven months prior
  • Poster next to Mardi Gras banner is of Raquel Welch from One Million B.C. movie (1966)
  • Smiley face on garage door made from various beer labels
  • Wine bottle in Terry's hand is his favorite, which was Liebfraumilch