At a 2003 car show in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Hogie has his photo taken with legendary and world reknown custom car buider George Barris, whom he got to know when he visited his shop in California.

   George has built:

Barris, self-proclaimed King of the Kustomizers, has his own company, Borris Kustom Kars

This car is called the Aztec and was a '57 chevy, which George built in the 1950s. It was found in total disarray and George restored it, but does not own it. It's not for sale either, but if it were would bring around $500,000.

Barris also built a corvette for Marilyn Monroe that is in a car museum in Las Vegas, which Hogie, Geb and Harry toured in 1999.

The Aztec from the back.

The Welcome KKOA Kemp'ers banner refers to Kustom Kemps of America, a membership organization that produces kustom shows. Kemp is a slang word used by teenagers in the late 50's and early 60's to indicate a car or truck. When you say Kustom Kemp, it means kustomized car or truck. So a kustom kemp can be any make, model or year vehicle, from 1903 to current year. The word "kemp" gained national recog-nition on a famous TV show called 77 Sunset Strip, where Ed “Kookie” Byrnes used it often, and in the little 25-cent Rod and Custom magazines."

According to Hogie, the interior is the only thing that still resembles a '57 chevy.
Hogie is defintely a connoisseur of automotive architecture.

Hogie had these photos plus others from other car shows that were published September 30, 2003 in a magazine called Ol' Skool Rodz.

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This is Hogie's latest car, a 1934 3-window coupe Ford. He bought it in Erie, PA. in 2002, then brought it to Florida in winter '03 where he and his friends built it, installing a chevy 305 motor, a turbo chevy 400 transmission, and all new wiring and gauges. It's a keeper, and will stay in his garage on Terry Drive.

Hear/watch an apropos Hot Rod Lincoln video by Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen

Here is another of Hogie's latest cars, a 1964 Fleetwood El Dorado that he restored after buying from a friend. It's only one of 1,870 ever produced. Hogie has it stored in New Vernon. You can see 16 more photos of it by clicking here. Of the 17 photos there, the first few of it are at the Unitarian Fellowship in Morristown, then at the Morris Museum, then at the Frelinguysen Arboretum. (Note: above link no longer works. However, if you belong to Facebook, you can view more photos there of this car).

Tier says in an e-mail to everyone "It's Hogie's Birthday! As a young lad this is the day Hogie heard
that "Uncle Sam" got his birthday money. He now resides in Deland, Florida. Send him a birthday note
if you so desire. If you have any extra pennies lying around please send them to Hogie so he can “fi-
nish out” the other side of this 1949 Cadillac amongst whose previous registered owner’s is a S. Grundy."

Here is a link to a short 3 minute video on Youtube about a 101 year-old lady who still drives
her 81 year-old car, as of June 2012, in Plymouth, MI. Posted here because this could be us if
we live that long.