This photo was taken at Road Atlanta fall of 2010. Here he is admiring an Audi A8.
Here's Mick at the top of Pike's Peak in May 2012, being in Colorado Springs for
his nephew's graduation from USAFA (which is the United States Air Force Academy).

Here is a family picture from December 2010 (in between Steve and his parents are sisters Andrea, Jenni, and
Martha). Here's the latest on them as of July 2012: Andrea and her husband live outside Orlando with two grown
sons and a granddaughter. She is a VP of a computer services company. Martha and her husband live outside of
Phoenix, AZ with 6 kids. Three have recently graduated from USAFA and USMA. Jenni is an engineer with Florida
DOT. She, her husband and two kids live outside of Ft. Lauderdale. My Mom and Dad are still very active. They
live in Las Cruces, NM with two dogs. (USMA is the United States Military Academy, otherwise known as West Point). Not bad Mick.