Odge remarries...September 2 (Saturday), 2000
At the Reception, Ft. Worth, Texas
Tier, Cut, Feather and Harry were there

The Kid kinda looks
like James Bond here

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what we mean, and Click
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Then, while imagining him
as James Bond, click here
to see the Bond/Oddjob
fight in Goldfinger

T-Bone & Angela and yes, Feather

Feather says he's traveled just about everywhere
except Peru and Cuba. And Ben Brook, Texas,
a suburb of Ft. Worth that he and Harry got lost in
while trying to make their way to Odge's wedding.

Cut & Julianne
(but now they're divorced)

Odge asks T who's that dancing with his wife and
should he be concerned. Also wants to know where
to get a drink to help settle issue.

Dancing with
bride Connie

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Here is a recent photo of Odge with Connie. He says: "The kids are a pain in
the ass so I try not to put them in any pics."


Outside Odge's house the next day

Feather is
a cueball

Out at some bar the next night