Down at the Cromwell pool - playing volleyball

This is from the summer of 1971. From front to back: looks like Bag, Dave, Terry, Lloyd, Harry, Mike Featherstone, and Cut. Also, compared to the below photo, which is 4 years earlier, look how much of the grass is gone on the other side of the net.

This is from the summer of 1967. That's Mr. McCoy in the yellow swim suit front row, who was mayor of Morris township from 1969 - 1970 and again in 1972. The ball is headed to (possibly) Mr. Tierney in center court. And that could be (possibly) Mr. Furth watching the ball sail over his head, with (possibly) Mr. Begley, shirt off, in the middle row by the fence. One of the kids is Brian Finlay, Howie's little brother.

At a swim match from 1968. Harry is on #3. Bitzo is next to him on #4. T says the referee in white looks like "Mr. Clean." And yes, Bitzo was a ditzo.
See a 1968 (or 1969) July 4th block party on Colonial Drive.
Summer, 1999

Tier with his kids and sister Liz

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The Cromwell pool, circa 2009 - check out the Cromwell Pool on the Internet