It's a Bummer in Texas - Fall, 1974

Living with Tier & Cut for a short while
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photo of Bob at Tier's, just before he left for Texas

Bob decides to head back home to N.J.
(and yes, the sign is symbolic)
At the beach - summer '75 (see more)
At Howie's wedding - August 13, 1977

Bob says this was the first wedding of his
friends, and that's what made it special.
At Danny's wedding - October 20-21, 1979, Spartanburg, S.C.

Bummer is in for a game of cards

In the buffet line, and apparently not too
appreciative, as Harry takes his picture
while Bummer slices off some roast beef.

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In Tierney's kitchen - late summer '74
(Notice pictures being passed around from
August 1974 Delaware River canoe trip)

On Atno Avenue - Christmas '79
That's Beth (also known as Chicken) at the door
that Bag is talking to. Jane Hough is with her.
See Beth in a July 2001 photo taken by Jacko.
    Bummer and Harry dress up as mummies for
    Halloween 1975. But Bummer (left), who used
    more gauze bandage than Harry, covered up
    his pants pocket. So with no easy access to
    his wallet, he had to attach it to the front of
    his costume.

    See Bob at Paul's July 4th, 2000 party or
    at the Cromwell pool from summer of 1972