Cromwell Crew
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1979 (pg. 3) - More from Danny's wedding (October '79)

Desi, Steve Sandbergh (friend of Danny's) and Geb
- Outside in the Holiday Inn parking lot -

Who Me? Ho$t a card game? Harry will
trade you the below Terry bill for a brewski.

Brother Dave, Desi, Bag, and Terry in the hotel room

Brother Dave and Kathy
(After this wedding, Kathy decided that she didn't like the Crew).

Pablo arrives. Better late than never.
(He took a late flight in).

Geb at the Greenville, S.C. airport (where the movie on
the flight down was so bad that he walked out). Hah!

See more of Bummer there

Meet the new sales reps for Guzzlers Gin.
(Unknown what Bag was drinking that night, but he, Bum-
mer & Varmit weren't the only ones who got shit-faced).

Fortunately, the Crew did not drink too much alcohol at Danny's wedding.

Click here to see more of Matt at this wedding. Matt was drinking bourbon that night and plenty of it.

Below: Bag and Harry are visible among the groomsmen. Terry is Best Man.

Sunday, October 21 - Notice how one of the bridesmaids is looking out at the
lake and not paying attention. And who is the groomsman behind the tree?

More photos from 1979 or back
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