More of Danny - White Water Rafting
(early 1980s)

On a whitewater rafting trip (1980 - 1982)

probably the Chattooga River in north Georgia,
but can't remember for sure...mainly because
of all the beer consumed.

Photos by Harry

Brother Dave's wife Kathy was also on this trip, along with Terry's wife and a friend of theirs, only those three stayed in a hotel while the rest of us camped. Harry's shoes caught on fire that night as he slept out by the fire.

Danny enjoys a little giant sausage ham 'n cheese snack w/extra ham 'n cheese before breakfast  

Janie sets up the Coleman Gas Lantern.

Mouseover photo
to see Dave and
Matt by the camp-
fire that burnt
Harry's shoes;
and Terry's red
1965 mustang

In Atlanta
(early 1980s)

At a flea market w/Janie looking at something.
Notice the pack of Marlboros in his shirt pocket.

Outside Danny & Janie's apartment, Tempo
, also known as Tempo Gayway,
because of all the fags that lived there.

Danny makes a hand gesture behind Harry's
head thinking he's unaware of it, but he is.

At Danny and Janie's apartment, with Desi, Matt, and Steve
Sandbergh (friend of Danny & Matt from USC). The girl is Cathy,
Terry's girlfriend from Pensacola, whom she is sitting next to.
(See another shot of her here). Unknown why Desi is in town.
At Terry's '89 reunion

Danny is stunned when he hears that the
crew will be having fish for dinner tonight.
He caught these two groupers.XXXXXXXX.

Danny with 2nd wife Debbie in Key West, FL
(mid - late 1990s). She's pretty good looking.

- Take the Danny Poll -

Danny says there is a "fat" theme about him on
some of these web pages. How do you vote?
Check all that apply.

I've seen him eat a whole extra large cheese pizza
(with extra sausage & cheese) in one sitting.

That's nothing. I've seen him eat just extra cheese.
And make that cheddar.

"We'd be out of business if it weren't for him."
   - A.J. Fatburger, Vice-President, McDonalds,
Southeast Region, Danny Division

What's wrong with snacking on a rib sandwich
or full rack of BBQ ribs before the main course?

There should be a new breakfast-menu item
at McDonalds: the Danny combo - a sausage
combo biscuit wrapped in ham, fried egg & extra
cheese, served between two deep-fried Big Macs

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Left: Horace and best friend Mary Beth visit with Danny and Debbie. Photo taken by waitress. Unknown when, but probably between 2001 and April 2002.

In case you didn't hear, Danny died quietly in his sleep June 19, 2010 following a medical condition. Terry had a memorial service for him a week later in Atlanta. Crew members in attendance were Odge, Jack Bobeng, Brother Dave, and Varmit. You can read more about it on the Cromwell Crew Message Board.

Pictured here with their cats Boris and Natasha. These photos taken 2003 - 2005.
Read Danny's obituary here