Tubin' down the Chattahoochie - Atlanta, GA

Terry with then girlfriend Cathy (Cat Ballou) and Janie
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Christmas '79

Terry, Meg Ryan, Bummer, Paula and Brad Siegel, who is
now Vice Chairman of the Gospel Music Channel in Atlanta

Gasing up in Pensacola

Motoring around in Terry's '65 Mustang (pic by Danny).
Photo taken same time frame as at top of page (1980 -
1982) and may be while on our way to a GA rafting trip.

The sign says it all. Notice how "Terence" becomes "Terry."
Read about a case of Terry's

Terry with Mike Buckley and Tier, but unknown where
(probably during the early 70s drug days at Wash. U.)

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Terry and Cindy
September 25, 1983
Gulf Breeze, Florida

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Terry was also an adjunct professor at Pensacola Junior College, but not anymore.

Terry has his own law firm web site where you can hear him talk in a video:

(Then be sure to read a re-cap of the most memorable Crew car race he was involved in here).