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Canoe Trip - August '74

Let's drift for a while. Looks
like Tier is doing the Watusi.

Lunchtime again on the river

Clete & Howie have discovered something
(Move mouse cursor over photo to see what)

What's that up ahead?

Jack and Mickey (who drops trou) impro-
vise a way to pull ahead and leave the others
a little behind
Listen to Matt and Jack (or read their comments here)

Matt snorkles

Group shot by Varmit: right

This photo (right) is a Cromwell Crew classic, which later became a poster. To see the poster, when it hung in Tier and Cut's apartment in early spring of 1975, click here, then scroll down to the bottom of the page to the slide show. It's the second photo in the slide show. To see an enlargement of this photo, mouse over it.

Night time at the third campsite, which was on Dildo Island. And because it is night time, it's hard to make out who
is in photo. But that could be Feather in the white sweater on far left with Pablo sitting on the ice chest. Tier is
directly behind the campfire and possibly that's Matt next to him, and Brother Dave next to him. McNair is in his
MHS varsity jacket on far right. This canoe trip was 4 days and 3 nights.
Down river