Geb at 3 Crew weddings (including his own)

1.   At Howie's wedding - August 13, 1977 (Saturday)
Did you ever notice how Howie always leaned halfway over?
(Matt, Bag, Feather, Bummer, Mick, Howie, Rob, Hogie, Geb, Tier)
Mick, (standing in back row, elevated) already looks a little drunk.

2.   At Danny's wedding - October 20, 1979 (Saturday)
Above photo is at Greenville airport, where we flew into.
(Matt, Desi, Bummer, Danny, Rob, Geb)
3.   Geb & Annie's wedding, August 28 (Saturday), 1982
Looking down on Bob, Matt, Tier, John, Rob , and Jack

Aerial shots from the roof make the best photos, like this one.
(Ask Bag about the roof episode at Brillon's).

Geb and Annie
(They got married at Assumption Church
in Morristown, with the reception held
at the T.A.L. Mansion on Bernardsville
Road in Mendham. See another photo)
Hear a comment from Jack Bobeng   |  Hear from Bob Allatta Part 1 Part 2
If your operating system won't play these audio files, read them here.

In Morristown with Harry when it's snowing

Run mouse cursor over photo to see the falling snow. Geb was also known as escriban los papelos or Scri for short.



At the Improv in NYC with Bummer
(Now called the
Broadway Comedy
- but still at 318 W 53rd Street)

Run mouse cursor over photo to see
another shot.