More Photos of Geb
(Gipper, Geardick, Goodyear, Goodfoot, Escribo or Scri)

Geb eyes a roll coming his way at Howie's wedding
(August, 1977)

Relaxing at Harry/Bag's Atno house - summer '79
At Danny's wedding, Spartanburg, S.C. - October 20, 1979
Saturday - the night before in the Holiday Inn hotel room playing crids
On the way back from Danny's wedding, Geb says: “I met my future wife at Newark airport...
She was sniffing bags for Customs,” he says.

Seated: Geb, Rob, Harry, Desi, Matt, Bag, Tier
"Yeah, this is (yawn) great, Danny"

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Scarfing pizza (and beer)

Geb cuts a big one. Hear Geb's farts.
Geb ponders the unponderable, as he
unloads with an inaudible but none-
theless unspeakably smelly big one.

Pepe Le Pew says,
"Even I couldn't
cut one like that!