More Photos of Geb
(Gipper, Geardick, Goodyear, Goodfoot, Escribo or Scri)

Geb was called Escribo because he was always mocking high-school Spanish teacher Sophia Garcia, because she said Escriban los papelos, which when translated means "write on the paper."

With Annie on Atno Avenue - Dec. 1979
Notice Bag's doghouse for Ghengis
(Geb peed on it to make message)
which says "Never eat yellow snow"
XXXXXXXAt Terry's 1989 reunion

  Geb: "Hey Terry, I gotta leak in my bedroom's sink!"
Terry: "Go ahead."

Geb, Dave,
Mick & wife,
Jacko, Terry,
Matt, Danny,
Tier & wife
Angela, Odge,
Cut, Hogie,
Rob, John

At Geb's house in Randolph, N.J.
- Summer 1999 -

On the back porch with Rob, who
discusses the day in stocks and
what Geb needs to buy thru him.

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See all of Geb's jokes in one place.

When Geb had the sex talk with his son, Steve,
he warned him about the evils of masturbating...
“Don't do it,” Geb said, “or you'll go blind!”

“Hey Dad,” the lad replied. “I'm over here.”

Amazing how Geb hasn't gone gray

Geb, Howie and Jack at Morristown High School's
Class of 1973 Reunion (April 26, 2003), held at the
old Governor Morris Inn, now the Westin Governor

Below is a photo of Geb and his family from 2010, with his 3 kids' boyfriends and his sonís girlfriend. From left to right: daughter Stephanie, wife Annie, daughter Aimee, Aimee's boyfriend, girlfriend of son Steve, son Steve, the Geb, Stephanie's boyfriend.

Below are Geb's three kids from left to right: Stephanie, Steve and Aimee.

Below is a picture of Geb and some of the orphans he visits in Haiti. Brother Dave upon seeing this photo commented that all of the Crew's children thankfully looked like their mothers. Except Geb's Haitian kids do show a strong resemblance to him. However, they do appear to have some personality, which is a good thing.

Tier, Jacko, Rob and Geb at Arthur's in Morris Plains, which is next to Collins Bar, Feb. 3 2013