Cromwell Crew
  Tour of the Years
   Morristown High School's 30th Reunion    (Class of 1973)

The date was April 26, 2003, and the place for the MHS class of 1973's 30th reunion was the old Govenor Morris Inn, now the Westin Governor Morris, where the Crew had gathered for Howie's reception 26 years earlier (he was the first to get married and it's one he'd rather forget).

Gipper, Howard J. and Jacko (class of '73, among
others). Amazing how only Geb hasn't gone gray.

That's Larry Munther to the right of Jack, who has done quite well spraying golf courses in Morris County. His company is called Munther Spray. He doesn't have a web site for it, but you can read a little bit about it here.

Larry is still a farm boy, even with the jacket.

Linda Goldfinger-Prentiss with Jack. Linda lives in Florida these days. See her at Howie's wedding.

This photo was taken at Howie's wedding in August 1977. Compare the two photos and notice how Linda hasn't aged a day in 26 years.

Jack kindly refers to Linda as a "J.C."

Brent Romberger, who didn't make the reunion (because he still had a hangover from celebrating his wife's birthday the night before), shows up the next morning in the lobby to pose for photo with Harry.

Brent and Linda have adopted three kids from Russia. Brent has also had cancer three different times and undergone chemotherapy in NYC, and is still around to tell about it. Now if that isn't Crew material, nothing is.

Brent is the other original farm boy.

Here's Geb, with Carolyn Boniface- Fritsch, many years later after her association with the Crew.

Carolyn still lives in NJ (Hunterdon county)
and works for municipal governent.        

If you're wondering what is Howie doing posing with these two black girls, so is everyone else.

Thirty years ago this wouldn't be happening.
(Unknown what Howie was drinking that night).