At the Jersey Shore - summer '75
(You never called it the beach. It was always let's go to the shore.

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summer '75
beach shots

Bummer, Howie, Clete, Bag, Odge, Jack
(the pyramid collapses when Odge, on the bottom
row in the middle, tries to give a thumbs up)
Howie gets married - August 13, 1977 (Saturday)

Best Man Jack, Mr. Finlay, and Howie
(Howie got married at St. Thomas More Church
off Madision Ave. and across from St. Elizabeth)

At the reception at the
Govenor Morris (right)

  • Did you ever notice how Howie always leaned halfway over whenever he posed for a picture?
  • In this picture is Geb, Rob, Howie, Feather, Matt, Bag, Bummer, Hogie and Mick, who looks a little done in.
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Say, Rob, you're kinda blocking Hogie there

Best man Findlebush at Jack's wedding (Nov. 4th, 1978)
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