Howie - at Geb's wedding (August 28, 1982)

Geb's reception was in Mendham at the
T.A.L. Mansion on Bernardsville Road

Howie and Nancy (the Nance) arrive

Mr. S. talks with Nancy

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On the roof, looking down
Miscellaneous photos of Howie...Howard J, Buford, Findlebush, Hubo

trip '74

Howie gondaleering
On Harry's bike, Sept. '74

... that no one got to ride that night except Howie. This
was also the night of Tier & Bummer's going away party.
That's Rick Slavin, also known as Prof, who oohs and ahs
over the chance to ride the bike, but it was not to be.
At the (long gone) Widow Browns

See more photos from the Widow Brown
(That's Roberta Truppi talking to Bummer, with
Howie standing next to Jacko; the year is 1974)
At Schneider bros. house - Atno Ave.

Can't tell what Howie is drinking.
Notice EarlyTimes bourbon on table.
At Schneider's house - Colonial Drive

Check out Nancy's pumps. And her shoes, too. Get it? Ha-ha. Howie had his hands full. Get it? Again, ha-ha.

Geb, Howie and Jack at Morristown High School's
Class of 1973 Reunion (April 26, 2003), held at the
old Governor Morris Inn, now the Westin Govenor