Please complete the following survey
for the Forget Mike Kraft Foundation

  1. What do you value most from your relationship with Mike Kraft?

  2. Which address are you currently using for your fake Mike Kraft alias?
  3. 36 Chimney Ridge
    38 Chimney Ridge
    56 Chimney Ridge
    58 Chimney Ridge

  4. Kraft owes you $5. How would you like him to pay?
  5. By stealing... (Check all that apply)

    15 albums from Bambergers
    a coat from Epstein's
    $50 worth of candy and/or cigarettes from Gables
    a pound of pot from Desi

From the Morristown Beard yearbook,
where Kraft ended up graduating from.

At Harry's
summer '75
keg party



A young Howie and Migél (as
we called him) play Twister
Spying through a window in the backyard,
a young Howie, Geb and Jeff Cain watch
Mrs. Kraft get undressed.

Webmaster's Notes:
  • Mr. Kraft worked for Penthouse magazine.
  • Mike Kraft is now a plumber somewhere in NJ. This could be him here

  • This photo taken by Stan Grundy at his place when we were in junior high (or maybe even earlier). The
    idea was to make it look like it had been a hit. McCormick boys from Terry Drive also in picture. Question:
    What was the name we gave to Stan Grundy's mother, whom he also lived there with? Answer is below.

    This was a Sedan de Vil that Stan Grundy let us trash. Don't know if it was from the 1930s, 40s or 50s.
    Answer to above: Fossil, because she was.    Gables store was next door to Grundy's junk car yard.