Harry's Keg Party - Summer '75 (which was after the Van Trip)

Matt Varnum kicks Mike Buckley out of this party when
Buckley lies on his back under keg to catch dripping beer.

Photo taken from roof ledge outside Bag's bedroom.
Roof ledge also provided a good way to sneak out at
night for extracurricular activities that shall not be
mentioned here.

Only known photo that has both Buckley and Mike Kraft in it. Unknown who took it, probably one of the girls there.
Back row: (left-right) Buckley, Terry, unknown high school friend of Bag's, Lance, Cut, Hogie, Danny, Dave, Feather,
Bummer and Tier.
Front row: (left-right) Bag, Harry, Kraft and Paul. Bag's unknown H.S. friend's name was Lonnie.

Hear comments from Tier, Dave and Hogie (if your operating system cannot play these audio files, and/or you do not have speakers, click here to read the comments).

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