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More of Audobon Park - Feb 26 - Mar 2, 1976
A day in the Park ...

Tier, Sarah (looking at Harry's photo album), the girls that
Dave brought, Bag, and Z (Terry's friend). Photos by Harry.

Playing Hearts   ♠ ♣ ♥ ♦

Playing football frisbee - that's Odge in
the shadows, with Tier, Cut, Feather and Terry

See Terry and Odge come to ruin (pg. 3)

Dave brought these two girls (below)
with him from Milledgeville, but
has since forgotten their names.
(The name of the one in purple smoking a cig is Peggy).

After Mardi Gras, Tier, Cut, Bag, and Harry follow Dave back to Milledgeville, Georgia

Feather chows down on some pizza