At Howie's wedding - August 13, 1977
Assumption Church, St. Elizabeth

Don't know why there is a purplish
tint to Rob's tux, as it was actually
the color in the other "ushers" photo.

The ushers

Hope you didn't miss the bachelor's party

Sitting with the women...
- Shirley Shanice and Debbie Ogilvie -
(Howie and Bob Jennings also at table)
Mouse over photo to see Linda Goldfinger
26 years later at the same place with Jack
Kramer at the MHS 30th reunion (go there)

...and vice versa (lucky guy)

Does McNair look a little drunk to you?   Also
notice how Howie always leans half way over.

At the reception
- Governor Morris Inn -

Doug Wakefield is not used to the heavy partying
(which Bogie sleeps through)

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Does anyone remember where Howie & Nancy
went for their honeymoon?  Answer:  Hawaii.