Hear Auld Lang Syne
New Year's Eve at Steve McNair's house
December 31 (Wednesday), 1975
All of Cromwell and Butterworth in one room (and Geb)
Who is in this room? Paul Denz, Peggy Humphrey, Linda Sandelands (and her date)...
Matt Varnum, Joe Brady, Bill Trapani, Steve Kean, Bob Allatta, Burton Berger, Tom Tierney...
Jim Featherstone, Howie Finlay, Nancy Ming, Terry Gross, John Schneider, and more...
...and of course Geb...photos by Harry

The Gebster

Hear Bag with a comment (or read it here)

Is Terry drinking cheap wine? (No, that's
Liebfraumilch and what he always drank)

See present-day Butterworth women
Clete w/Butterworth women Helene F. & Jane Hough

I drink only 3 times a year:
* For New Year's Eve.
* My birthday.
* And whenever I can.

Finish your beer.
There's starving kids in India.

I'm on the Gin & Tonic diet.
So far, I've lost 2 days.

Listen to: Ain't much fun since I quit drinking
If you don't start drinking, I'm gonna leave

...while downstairs in Mickey's basement

... Tier, Bag and Jacko play a little fooseball

Tony "Schnippers" Pross, July 2000, inside Schnippers (the store in Madison, N.J. he inherited from his father and ran up until about 2007).

Rob (in blue shirt) hates this picture of himself

Early Steve McNair
(Unknown how early, but reading
MAD Magazine should give a clue)

Mickey at Terry's '89 reunion with Rob and Jack B.

See more of Terry's '89 reunion
or current photos of Steve now.