Still more of Rob
(Robert, Roaster, Roastie, Boast, Jackson 5, J5)

The Roaster with the Snedley brothers outside their house, probably Fall 1978.
(Notice Harry's cowboy shirt and Bag's at-the-time green, hippy, head-bandana).
At Danny's wedding, Oct. 20-21, 1979
- Spartanburg, S.C. -

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Left: Is that Desi carrying Rob's gear?
Yes, it is, with what looks like a drink.

Rob and Todd
Feb. 21, 1981
Bangor, Maine

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Below are Rob's kids. He says: "I’m also jealous that Dave is about to retire. Below is a picture taken November 2010 on my daughter Casey’s balcony in Boston. We hosted an exchange student from Colombia. Can you pick him out? Catch you later…Roastie"

Tier, Jacko, Rob and Geb at Arthur's in Morris Plains, which is next to Collins Bar, Feb. 3 2013