Cromwell Crew
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1979 (pg. 2) - More from Danny's wedding (October '79)

Rob decides to loosen his tie, drink
a screwdriver(s) and have some fun.

Dave with wife Kathy, who
actually doesn't like the Crew.
At Danny's wedding: Rob, Dave
Terry, Matt, Desi, Bag, Geb,
Pablo, Bummer, Tier, Harry

Desi chows down on pizza, while
Matt scowls into the camera with
his I need to punch someone look.

Geb, Bag, Boast & Varmit
check out the breakfast
    buffet ... while Terry opts
for an early morning swim.

Continue the tour: see more
of Terry at Danny's wedding

Terry enjoyed his swim, so he decided to buy the hotel.

Hear Geb's comedy material

In the Holiday Inn hotel parking lot

Continue the tour: see more of Rob
at Danny's wedding here and here.

Believe it or not, the guy Paula is hanging
onto, Brad Siegel, became president of the
entertainment division of Turner Networks,
whom she was dating at the time. That's
Steve Sandbergh behind them, displaying
what he thinks of Paula's affections through
his photograpically-altered clenched fists.
Or see a pop-up photo of Paula here at her
40th highschool reunion.

March 12, 2003:
After being passed
over for the top spot
at Turner, Brad resigns.
Read the story.

Brad is (actually was) now Vice Chairman
of the Gospel Music Channel
in Atlanta. Read about him
here and here.
More Danny wedding photos from 1979 or back

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