Cromwell Crew
  Tour of the Years
1975 (pg. 3) - Around Cromwell and Beyond
At Nancy's pool
(Howie is on diving board next to Bag;
Debbie Terzian sits next to Nancy Ming)

Late spring or early summer. Tier, Harry and Jacko
are home from their four-month Van Trip, which was
January - May. Tier hasn't yet left again for Texas
(not till September). Notice how the High Chamber
(and in particular the beer pole) is in early stage of
development. Photo blurred to hide Howie's gesture.

Right: Bummer and Harry dress up as mummies for
Halloween. But Bummer (left), who used more gauze
bandage than Harry, covered up his pants pocket. So
with no easy access to his wallet, he had to attach it
to the front of his costume. Pretty pathetic, huh?

Cromwell & Butterworth at the beach
(that's Tier, Howie, Mike Feather & Nancy
Ming (?)  in the yellow bikini.  Run mouse
cursor over pic to see slight enlargement)

Continue the summer of '75 tour ...
a) beach photos
b) video clips
c) Harry's keg party
d) Cromwell Hills Chronicle

Later that year in Texas

Jack is making a tape recording. Hasn't changed
trip clothes yet. Nor has Bag from related links. 

On a spur of the moment decision, Jack drives from Morristown to Nashville, where he: (1) picks up Bag at Vanderbilt (who's studying for Finals), and they come to visit Tier and Cut for (2) Thanksgiving '75. (Here, Bag is rolling a joint, while Jack gives finger, photo-edited up to two fingers, as he holds beer bottle).

Hear Bag, Jack and Tier talk about the trip, or
if your operating system won't play the audio
files, you can read the comments right here.

Looks like T is reflecting. Has cigarette between
fingers. Can't tell what the album is next to him.

Toward year-end
The proverbial annual football game between Cromwell and Butterworth.
(This one at Morristown Beard). Hear Jack and Rob (or read their comments) or see more football photos.

If you can't play the audio, read it here.

Matt and Terry in NYC for a pick-up.
(a pick-up of you-know-what)

Click for Christmas 1975 at the
Hotel Gross or onto the next page
for New Year's Eve at McNair's.

The Infamous Wreck - what was left of Mr. Tierney's
brand-new Pontiac after leaving an evening of drink-
ing at Dirty Jim's. Harry, Bag and Tier were inside.
According to Matt, who was pulling out with Roastie
and following them, T's car swiped a telephone pole,
which ruptured the gas tank and spilled gas onto the
street, which caught on fire, but because the car was
spinning around, the tires cut off the trail of gasoline
leading up to where the car stopped and so we were
saved. But the radio was still playing, which Harry
turned off.
See more photos from 1975 or back

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