At the Jersey Shore - summer '75 (pg. 2 of 2)

Hear Danny or Tier talk about the beach. Except no one ever
called it the beach. If you were from Jersey, you called it the
shore. If your operating system won't play these audio files,
you can read them here.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

At Island Beach State Park

We had just one beach umbrella that day, so we thought its best
use was to shade the keg of beer.  Paul Allatta's long-sleeve
shirt and pants must be to protect from sun and/or to look cool.

Rob in his painter pants, who kinda blends in with the sea-
weed and sand. ( In fact, it looks like he washed up on-
shore along with the seaweed ). Hear Bob Allatta on Rob
(or read his comment)

You know it's gonna be a lousy day at the
shore when you gotta wear sleeping bags.

Howie   Clete
Bag   Odge   Jack

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