Cromwell Crew
  Tour of the Years
1974 (pg. 3) - Around Cromwell

Dave and Paula go out for dinner
(and end up in picture at right)

Unknown what or where the occasion is, but
Jack's date is Cromwell's Mary Lou Schaeffer.

What was Claire smoking to go out with Bitzo?

Must be prom night for Bitzo and
Claire Bingeman, Dave and Paula.

Unknown if this was Dave & Bitzo's
class (1973) or Paula and Claire's
class (1975), so compromised and
stuck photo here in 1974, but it's
probably 1973 based on how young
Dave looks.

Run mouse cursor over photo to see
shot of Dave and Bitzo with Bitzo's
older sister Joanne.

And yes, Bitzo was a ditzo.

left to right: Carter, Clete, Peggy and Hogie

... and they leave the next day (Monday).

Continue the tour: see photos from the day they left.

Tier & Bummer's Texas farewell party
(Sunday, September 15, 1974)

Continue the tour: check out that party.

Tier ponders and reflects upon the big trip ahead.
(Bummer, with beer, ponders, too, but not as hard).
No one else, though, is pondering. This is in the garage.
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