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Canoe Trip - August '74
Feather is strumming along
to "Takin' Care of Business"
(Bachman Turner Overdrive)

Hogie eats (looks like Chinese food)

What does that say on the canoe behind him?
(Hard to believe, but that wasn't written by us)
Hear a comment from Feather and Hogie about bridge jumping (or read it here).
Move your mouse cursor over
below pic to see Feather drop

Matt jumps (bridge is 28 feet high)

                                    Bridge jumping at Dingmans Ferry
See other kids do insane bridge jumping in Milford, NJ, which is 15-20 miles down-
river from Easton/Phillipsburg (this is a two-minute video on YouTube with sound).

Below: On bridge is Wiz who is jumping. Hogie and Feather, who are next to him,
also jumped. In water swimming toward McNair in canoe is Brett who just jumped. See more videos about Dingmans Ferry Bridge (the 2nd one down is good).

                                       Camping at Dingmans Ferry
We camped one night (the 2nd night?) at Dingmans Ferry. Run your mouse cursor
over below photo to see a shot of Howie and Pablo taking an early morning bath.
Warning: Howie is completely naked. Watch another related video.

Because it is nighttime, it is hard to make out anything except our tents and some of us standing
around. You can see our canoes parked down below at the river's edge. Run mouse cursor over
above photo to see Howie and Pablo taking an early morning bath (Howie is completely naked).
It's always lunchtime (and beertime) on the river
Hear Tier's comments 1 and 2

(or if you can't play these audio files, you can read them here).

Down river