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Right after Fat Tuesday, Feb. 11, 1975, Tier & Cut drove back to Texas where Harry & Jack, after touring Florida, joined them a few weeks later.

At the campsite: drinking beer

Jack & Harry's Florida tour included visiting Kim Schoephoester and new husband Jack McDonald in Ft. Lauderdale, whose father owned McDonald Pontiac in Morristown, as well as Sarah Reilly in Tampa and her sister Patty at the University of Florida, who died there a year or so later in a bike accident when a car struck her. Read about Kim's father, Mr. Schoephoester, and what he did during WWII by clicking here (at bottom of page).

T pitches his tent
              Going down that long lonesome highway               

Not too colorful in this picture, though

Path of the infamous van trip: below
(Run mouse cursor over picture to see it)

  Treking our way
  across the U.S.A.

  (Notice Harry's bike on
   back of van)

Repelling with Bogie and his friend in the Rockies

Continue the Tour (if in that):
see them at the Hoover Dam

or view the Van Trip photo show below

in St. Louis

streaking our way across the midwest

we cross the Rockies

then into Utah

down Rt. 66

and finally into California
Below photos are from the Van Trip

Jack fixes a busted coil spring in Ft. Lauderdale.

At Tier and Cut's apartment in
Lubbock. Notice poster on wall.

Tier with local Lubbock heartthrob wench Cissy.

Tier reads a magazine on the couch in his apartment.

Cut follows T, Harry and Jack to
St. Louis to visit a friend there.

Tier goes for a spin on Harry's bike.
We're still in St. Louie, though.

At the midway point now on I-70,
halfway across the country in Kansas.

We pull off the interstate and T climbs
into a railroad boxcar for a photo.

Repelling in Denver: T makes it
look like he's hanging on for life.

At the California state line coming
in from Arizona. Photo by T.

At Black's Beach in San Diego (supposedly
nude beach), where we saw no nudes.

We sold the van, shipped the bike
and flew back home to Jersey.

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