Cromwell Crew
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Pre-Cromwell Crew      (the early years)

Yes, these are the earliest known photos to exist of the Cromwell Crew, extricated from the ancient ruins of an archeological excavation in the woods behind McNair's house (otherwise known as the Pit).

That's Hogie above, circa who knows when, probably having his picture taken in one of those cheap Woolworth photo booths at the time.

Kid Odge lives up to his name in the above photo, and yes, those stodgy bagel thumbs are already fully formed.

And Bag (right), here in the 4th or 5th grade, thinks it cool to wear both a white and a black sock at the same time.

The 3-2-69 date on this photo indicates that Gipper was in the 8th grade, when he was begrudgingly made to pose unceremoniously for this picture.

This is Tier a long time ago, before he became the infamous Sage Banyan of lore. Looks pretty clean-cut here, but that was before he joined the Crew.

Danny was a Cub Scout? Yes, it's hard to believe, but seeing is believing. Notice the silver tooth, which replaced the previously extracted one to pay off a Crew gambling debt. What would the Cub Scouts say?

Harry and Bag, outside their house, not known when exactly, but probably during the early Morristown High School years.

Run mouse cursor over photo to see a very early shot of the Snedley brothers, and then click here to see a 1968 shot.

The Gross family, unknown what year taken, but in North Carolina where they're from.
Back row: Terry, Linda, Danny.
Front row: Leroy, Paula, June.

Here's Pablo down at the field, with Terry to the right of him. This may be the annual 4th of July picnic at the field, and the tug-of-war rope competition. If you look closely, you may see other Cromwell Crew people, like Roastie, Geb, Bag and Tier.

Click here to see photos of the Crew on a 1971 canoe trip.

Geb, Howie and Bummer in front of the Cromwell pool. Before cars, we rode around on bikes. And Howie had a classic: a one-handlebar Schwinn with no brakes (pictured here). Bummer's bike a unique oddity, too.

Read about Howie's bulldozer driving days.

Howie Finlay and Mike Kraft play a game of Twister at Migél's house. Unknown what year picture taken.

Click here to see another early photo of Kraft at Stan Grundy's.

Steve McNair intently reads a MAD magazine at the Schneider household. Mickey here probably in junior high.

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