The Infamous Van Trip - 1975   (and the path thereof)

At the Hoover Dam (see another Hoover Dam photo)

At the California state line
(heading toward San Diego)

Path of the Van (mouseover graphic to see it)

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in St. Louis

streaking our way across the midwest

we cross the Rockies

then into Utah

down Rt. 66

and finally into California

Best Man Jack at Howie's wedding - August 13, 1977

Dancing with Shirley Shanus

Kracko looks like he's going to pee
(Jack, put that thing back in, please)

Playing TV ping pong at Harry/Bag's house on
Atno Ave. Probably close to Christmas 1979.
Jack pitches. See more of this game.

That's Helene in shallow center, and Bag at short

Jack and Helene walk the aisle
- November 4, (Saturday) 1978 -
Morristown, N.J.

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Best Man Howie gives the toast.

"What can I say? Jack was the Best Man at my mine."

Jack and Howie have gone gray, but not Geb (yet)

... and 25 years later...

Geb, Howie and Jack at Morristown High School's
Class of 1973 Reunion (April 26, 2003), held at the
Old Governor Morris Inn, now the Westin Hotel.

Read a story in the Daily Record about Jack's father,
a Morristown WWII vet, at age 91, flying in a B-52 again.

Below, Jack gets his 4th degree black belt promotion at the Boonton Karate Academy (2008)

Photos below are Jack getting his black belt.

Tier, Jacko, Rob and Geb at Arthur's in Morris Plains, which is next to Collins Bar, Feb. 3 2013