Cromwell Crew
  Tour of the Years
1977 (pg. 2) - Howie's wedding (Saturday, August 13)

Probably the one and only time the Crew has been in suits.
(Click here to see how this day ended up.)

Danny, Harry, Hogie, Bag, Jack Bobeng, Matt and Tier

Godfather Don Hogie Corleone
(awaiting orders on who to hit next, and yes, he is
packing a piece, which he appears to be going for)

Jack and Linda Goldfinger with Howie and Nancy

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Bones with Cathy Finlay (Howie's sister)
- At the Governor Morris Inn -

Cut doesn't remember too much about the reception, as he got really drunk. Says he hopes he had a good time. Hear his comment or read it. (left to right: Tier, Joanna, Bummer, Sarah, Cut)

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McNair (top center) looks a little drunk

Unknown where these wedding pictures
were taken. Looks like someone's brick
basement, so that rules out the High Chamber

Also that year ...

Cut and Sarah come up from Texas for Howie's
wedding. Whose corvette is Cut sitting on anyway?

Late in December at Schneider's
New Year's Eve (December 31, 1977) - at Schneider's

If you don't remember who people are, they're listed fror you

  • Sarah
  • Cut
  • Bummer
  • Paula
  • Emily - Paula's friend from Washington Univ.
  • Terry (What is Terry passing in his hand that Howie wants no part of?)
  • Helene
  • Joanne
  • Jack B.
  • Bag
  • Tree
  • Howard J. Findelbush
  • Nancy
  • Tier
  • Matthew J. Varmit
  • Who is the yokel next to Varmit or is that Desi?
  • Robert J. Roaster with Todd
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