The Varmit at Howie's wedding - August 13, 1977
where he sports his      look.

Hogie, Matt, T and Howie at the bar. Can't tell what Matt is drinking, but it's a beer. And then cursor over above photo to a see a popup of the Thing and the Hulk and decide compared to above photo who Matt more reminds you of.

In Boston, summer '79, visiting Danny
during his Honeywell training program

"Ahoy matey. Full steam
ahead and pass the tequila!"

Gettin' there - at the Greenville, S.C. airport

Love that bourbon
Mouseover photo to see before and after
(Save a little for the other guests will ya)
(or, what will the rest of ya be drinking)

What drinking too much Guzzlers Gin, Boozer's
, and Lush's Liqueur will do to you.

a friend
in need

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Christmas 1979
At the Snedley brothers' house
on Atno Avenue. In picture: Matt, Joanna, Jack, Claudia,
Bummer, Boast, Todd, Chicken, Jacko, Helene, and a host of others (i.e. Danny, Janie, Howie, Nancy). Go there.

XXXXXXXXXXEarly 1980s, with Dave. Go there.
XXXXXXXXX>(Sleeping too close to the campfire,
XXXXXXXXXXHarry's shoes caught on fire that night)

Harry & Matt, summer 1999 (Atlanta)
Staring into cyberspace on the Varmit's computer.
Matt had camera hooked up that snapped photo.