At Howie's wedding - August 13, 1977

Hogie, Matt, T and Howie at the bar. Can't
tell what Matt is drinking, but it's a beer.
In Boston, summer '79, visiting Danny
during his Honeywell training program

"Ahoy matey. Full steam
ahead and pass the tequila!"

Gettin' there - at the Greenville, S.C. airport

Love that bourbon
Mouseover photo to see before and after
(Save a little for the other guests will ya)
(or, what will the rest of ya be drinking)

What drinking too much Guzzlers Gin, Boozer's
, and Lush's Liqueur will do to you.

a friend
in need

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Christmas 1979
At the Snedley brothers' house
on Atno Avenue. In picture: Matt, Joanna, Jack, Claudia,
Bummer, Boast, Todd, Chicken, Jacko, Helene, and a host of others (i.e. Danny, Janie, Howie, Nancy). Go there.

XXXXXXXXXXEarly 1980s, with Dave. Go there.
XXXXXXXXX>(Sleeping too close to the campfire,
XXXXXXXXXXHarry's shoes caught on fire that night)

Harry & Matt, summer 1999 (Atlanta)
Staring into cyberspace on the Varmit's computer.
Matt had camera hooked up that snapped photo.