Cromwell Crew
  Tour of the Years
1979 (pg. 5) - Christmas/New Years Eve week

Everybody wants to be in the picture.

Among the revelers are Matt, Joanna, Jack, Claudia, Pablo,
Boast, Todd, Chicken, Jacko, Helene, and a host of others.
Run mouse cursor over photo to see another different shot.

At Harry & Bag's house on Atno Ave.

Jack and Claudia looking good in the kitchen. Hear
Jack's comment about pong on cable TV or read it .

Check out Jacko's leather

Matt looks high as a grit, as they try
to figure out how to work the pong game.

What's a Christmas without cards (i.e. 2, 3, or 4 card guts, blackjack, or acey-ducey to name a few).

Life is like a game of poker.
How much money is in the pot?

Odge after winning a rare hand at cards.
He probably didn't win much, though.

Terry wins a hand. Whatever the
game was, there are 3 Aces showing.

Terry greets someone in a suit (Is this Bag?).

This was the first time Todd had ever met
Danny, who shows what he thinks of the
encounter. Notice that he has no chest hair.
Kinda looks like a ginzo, doesn't he?

Geb & Annie decide to go for a walk
(Notice Bag's doghouse for Ghengis in back.)

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