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At the beach, summer '75  (see more)

At Lake George in N.Y., summer '76

Bag, Tier, Pablo, Geb and Harry made the trip

What Tier remembers about the Lake George trip: "I remember somebody loosing their wallet (Paul or Bummer?) at a piss stop under a bridge on the way there and having to turn around and go back to get it. I recall somebody blowing the engine out of the motorboat we rented to get to our island and watching the engine sink to the bottom. I recall Geb lending me his scuba gear for my one and only scuba diving venture. I had enough weights on my belt to give new meaning to the term "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea".  Hear Paul talk about (or read) Lake George, which is about 200 miles from Morristown.

On the Lake George beach with Bag and Tier.
Mouseover photo to see Geb, who also came.

That looks like Tier (or maybe Feather) on the picnic
table. Unknown who got the choice spot on the hood
of the Tierney's station wagon, which we drove up in.

At Lewis Morris Park - 1978

Bag catches while Pablo hits
At Danny's wedding: October 20-21, 1979

Paul was the last to arrive. Better late than never.

At Geb's wedding - August 28, 1982

Tier gets pinned

See Paul at his July 4th 2000 party

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Paul with Geb's sister, Libby