Beattie's   which used
to be an

Notice the price of gas. This is probably summer of 1974. Notice also that just 4¢ separates the high/low grades of gas unlike 30¢ today, and that it's 57.3¢ and not 57.9¢ like it would be today.
(To those of us who forget, the Beatties lived on Colonial Drive in Cromwell (almost across the street from the Snedley brothers), and Mr. Beattie operated (and owned?) this gas station.)

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while brother Bob rides his modified bicycle.

The country store Gables was next door. Click here to see what it most likely looked like.

Inside the garage, Brother Dave, Harry and Tier play a little frisbee with one of the Allattas, while the other takes the picture (this is the same day as in photo below).

        AT DIRTY JIM's (whose real name was the KNOTTY PINE, on Whippany Rd.) - 1974

This bar was also known by us as either Sagursky's or Zagursky's. Well, actually it's Zagursky's. So the Knotty Pine is the photo below Zagursky's.
Here's a photo of what Zagursky's looks like now along with reviews. Hogie with the latest correction in Sept. 2019: Harry, two different bars. Zagurskys is near Billy's Red Room, which burnt to the ground about a year ago. From Tier: Hogie is correct. Knotty Pine (aka Dirty Jim’s) is on Whippany Road. Zagursky’s was down off Whippany Road towards Route 10. When we first went there, we thought the name was the “Flagship” because the sign at that time was in script. We could have thought Zagursky's was the “Flagship”. - Tier

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This photo taken possibly just a short while before T and Bummer left on their trip to Texas.
Pictured tonight: Howie, Nancy, Lynn Ryan (also known as 'Mel'), Jacko, and Clete (Paul Denz),
who is on the phone undoubtedly talking to Peg. And Mel must be wondering where Vince is.
Dave and Bag are behind Tier. Pablo remembers that beer used to sell for $1.85 per six-pack
with no tax. Bob Allatta says: It was probably one of my favorite watering holes of all times. I got a lot of good memories of that place. I drank too much, but I got a lot of good memories.

To Morristown

And up Whippany Road
going the other way is:

Looking for Danny Gross? He is probably at Pete's. No, wait. That would be too much trouble. They're probably delivering to him.

The drinking age in New Jersey was lowered from 21 to 18 in 1973, but the Crew was buying beer (if we didn't get it first from neighbor-hood garages) with altered driving permits that we got at 16, often at places such as Dirty Jim's (aka) Zagursky's. Nowadays, though, illegal Mexicans don't appear to be as smart. They don't know that when making a fake ID, just have yourself in the photo, no matter how much you may love the girl, as pictured below (photo supplied by Tier).