Thanksgiving, 1974 - Downstairs in the Schneider Rec Room

Photo altered to hide something John is doing.
Run mouse cursor over photo to see shot of Joe
Brady, Buddy Murphy and Vince in the garage.

Lynn Ryan (above) then...
and now... (scroll down)

This is Roberta
Truppi. Notice
how she looks like
she is hearing a
ghost story from
Murph. Check out
her December 31st
(Tuesday) 1974 New
Year Eve's party

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from this party
(or return to Tour
of Years 1974 if
you're doing that).

Tier and Bummer weren't at this Thanksgiving party, having left in September to live with Cut in Texas, but did come back for Christmas and New Year's Eve at Truppi's.

Bogie checks out Harry's photo album, which
many years later when the Internet is invent-
ed, will form the pages that you're looking at.

Feather and Hogie in Bag's room.
These two photos are from Christmas 1974.

More parties....
(i.e. summer '75
keg party)

An Evening
in Bag's room

Lynn Ryan Nero, summer 1999

or go to Schneider's basement

Last known about Lynn was that
she lived in Long Valley, N.J.

This picture taken when Hogie and Harry talk with Mel (Lynn) at a party many years later, somewhere off Rt. 10 near Boonton.