Cromwell Crew
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1976 (pg. 2) - the Bicentennial, Valley Forge, PA

July 4th, 1976 - watching the 50 covered wagons roll in. The Crew makes it to Pennsylvania.

Both Feathers, Harry and Boast pose with George
(who probably also ran with a [REVOLUTIONARY] Crew)

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a) See more of the Bicentennial

Revolutionary War hero descendants (not)

This drunk's name was Frank.
The other two were Horace Debucey & Mike Featherstone.

This guy was really trying hard to break away, but Mike was pressing down on his arm even harder to make him pose for photo, which he most obvioulsy did not want to do.

b) see also two summer '76 white water trips
c) more photos from trips to Lake George, NY
d) the Allatta's August move from Terry Drive

At Lake George, summer '76 - Bag, Pablo, Tier, Geb, Feather & Harry made the trip.

1976 - New Year's Eve, December 31st, 1976  - at Schneider's

Cromwell men
Top: Lance, Bogie, Matt, Horace, Jack, Rob, Jack B., Bag
Bottom: Hogie, Bob, Howie, Tier, Paul, Geb

Cromwell women (and others)
Top: Helene, Mrs. Schneider, Nancy, Julie, Mrs. Tierney,
???, Barbara Gebhardt (?)
Bottom: Joanne, Debbie Terzian, Louise Utzinger, ???,
Sally Utzinger

Hear or read some words from Tier

See photos from 1977 or back

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