Cromwell Crew
  Tour of the Years
1974 (pg. 6) - Hanging out in Madison, N.J.


Cromwell and Butterworth were among the regulars at the Widow Brown.
(Unknown who the designated driver, if any, was for this night. Most likely none, as was typically the case.)

Lynn Ryan and Kim Boettcher
(Notice both pitchers are empty on their table
and they hardly look sloshed. Way to go girls!)
Above them is photo of so-called Widow Brown.

Berta with friend Jamie, while Pani nods off.
(Jamie was kind of a creep. Notice unknown
guy in back, who smiles for Harry's camera.)

Hear Howie, Bummer & Feather talk about it.

Read the comments if you can't play the audio
See a pop-up list of the bars we went to.

Bummer, Buford and Berda (Jacko stands nearby)

Bag with Cathy Cleworth, who lived in Butterworth

Check out a fall '74
party at McNair's.

More photos from 1974 or back

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