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Terry's Cromwell Crew 2011 Reunion  (August 25 - 28)

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Inside Terry and Cindy's house, which only the Cromwell Crew calls Hotel Gross. In this photo are Dave, Odge, Jacko, and
Feather, and that's Cindy on the couch. Looks like they're discussing the day's activities before tonight's card game begins.
Some of Saturday's activities

This is Terry's boat that everyone went motoring around in Saturday afternoon.

Notice the emblem on the boat in this photo and the one below it. Although you can't see it completely, it reads "Full Boat." See the close-up down below.

Full House is also called a Full Boat, which is a completed five card poker hand containing three of a kind plus a pair. It is also frequently referred to as a “full boat.” Its rank is determined by the three of a kind it contains. For example, Q-Q-Q-2-2 would be read as “queens full of deuces,” and would be ranked higher than J-J-J-A-A (jacks full of aces). When reading a full house, the three of a kind is always read first, and is always “full of” the pair, regardless of the composition of the full house.
In most poker games, a full house ranks higher than a flush, and lower than four of a kind. This means that it is often a strong hand to complete or to draw to. Since a full house is a completed five card hand, the earliest it can occur is on the flop, or on fifth street if you are playing in a stud game. A player may also complete a full house by drawing to either two pair or three of a kind and by catching one of the necessary cards to complete it. Occasionally, when you flop two pair, you will make three pair on the turn. This slightly improves your chances of filling up on the river. Still, it is generally easier to fill up when you are drawing to three of a kind than it is to fill up drawing to either two or three pairs. In situations where a player has filled, and multiple pairs exist in their hand, the highest full house that can be constructed is the one that plays.

A full house is a difficult and powerful hand to make, and it wins frequently, but it is not a guaranteed winner. Most often, when a full house does lose, it will not be to a four of a kind or a straight flush, but to another full house. It is often wise to proceed with caution. If you hold a small full house, or anything smaller than the nut full house in Omaha, you should be careful about how much heat you take and apply with it. It is not all that uncommon for multiple players to fill up on the same hand. There are times when you should refrain from raising, and even times you should muck your full house if either the bet that you are facing or the risk that you are beaten are unacceptably high.
  • Does a full house beat a flush? No
  • Does a full house beat a straight? No
  • What beats a full house? Higher full house, four of a kind, Royal and Straight flush all beat a full house.
  • What is the probability of full house? There are 3744 different Full house hands out of combined 2,598,960 possible hands. This give a probability of 0.144% of getting a full house.
  • A full house poker hand consists of three of a kind and a pair (77722 or TTT55).
  • The full house rules: If 2 players both hold a full house it is the player with the highest ranked 3 cards that will be determined the winner TTT22 beats 999AA.
  • Best full house: AAAKK is the best full house the second best is AAAQQ and not as many players think AAKKK. It is always the three of a kind in full houses that determine the strength.

Terry is laughing because he understands all of the above but you don't, like the person in the photo below, and will soon have your money, like he did his.

Kid Odge, we don't know what you're smiling about with the card game that's coming up, which you can view on the next page.

Matt and Jack go
zipping around mid
Saturday afternoon

Tier says: "Steve McNair, Dave Groseclose, and Matt Varnum relax (and I mean relax) in Terry's pool."