Cromwell Crew
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Terry's Cromwell Crew 2011 Reunion  (August 25 - 28)

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At the Grand Marlin for early Saturday evening appetizers, then they went to the Paradise for drinks (page 8).
Going around the table: Mick, Matt, Jack, Terry, Odge, Tier, Brother Dave, and Feather. Notice the two
broads at the counter. Odge, you should've had your camera on them. Then they might have come over.

Good shot of Odge and Tier. The bar there is called Reel Tight. Get it?

Brother Dave and Kid Odge

Good group shot. That's Hogie
next to Feather, who was voted
most changed-looking in the Crew.

See at Feb. 2013 shot of Tier,
Jacko, Rob and Geb at a bar in
Morris Plains, when Tier went
back to Cromwell after Hurricane
Sandy demolished his house (it's
at bottom of page) by clicking here