Cromwell Crew
  Tour of the Years
1974 (pg. 9) - Around Christmastime

Bummer - out at some bar somewhere.
Pot + more pot = the munchies

Read the letter that Tier
wrote before coming home.
In the High Chamber

Tier - just 3 hours before
he passed out that night.

Harry - after doing some work at
the Satzkers on Chimney Ridge.

Rob adds up the score at the bowling alley.

Clete's rig  -  outside his house
on Ketch Rd. in Butterworth

In Bag's room ...

Brother Dave with his then girlfriend (Sue?) look
at Harry's photo album, which will form the pages
you're looking at once the Internet is invented.

Did you go to Roberta Truppi's
New Year's Eve party?

Tier drives home from Lubbock for Christmas ...
(Make sure you read the letter written by him to Gonky)

Notice strange location of chimney on Capawana's
house.   Did they have a fireplace in the garage??!

... and then shoves off for Texas ... again
(where come February 6, 1975, he and Cut join the Crew for Mardi Gras in New Orleans)
(unknown why T is holding a pocket watch...perhaps to clock the time at which he left)

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