Cromwell Crew
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1979 (pg. 4) - Christmas/New Years Eve week

Unknown what bar we had to wear suits
to, but it had an upstairs, as Harry takes
an aerial shot of Bag, Geb and T-Bone.
See a pop-up list of some of the bars we went to

Out at some bar somewhere with Lynn Ryan
(Sure glad the disco look went out of style that Harry sports)

Mike Feather and his amazing frisbee
- Read what Mike is doing now -
Must be a warm December day for Feather to wear his shorts

On a wintry day in Morristown when it's snowing
(Run your mouse cursor over
photo to see falling snow)

At Harry & Bag's house on Atno Ave.

Unknown who that is playing pong. (Notice deerhead
reflection in mirror. Harry swiped it from Final Exam)

The ol' homestead was right across
the street from Morristown High.

On to the next page for more Christmas
week parties at the Atno house ...

More photos from 1979 or back

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